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Direct Scheduling Made Easy

Remote Deposition Services Available Now!

With award-winning technology, eCourt Reporters gives attorneys and schedulers direct access to experienced, certified court reporters and legal videographers all across the country. Named 2018 Legal Innovator of the Year by the State Bar of Wisconsin and 2018 Innovation Use of Technology by the NCRA, eCourt Reporters is improving the legal community.

Court Reporting

Deposition, realtime transcription, video transcription, and conference rooms and more, our court reporters are capable of a multitude of services.

Free Sliders Included

eCourt Reporters hosts videographers across the country who have experience filming depositions in courtrooms, conference rooms, hospitals and law firms.

National Scheduling

eCourt Reporters provides direct access to experienced court reporters and legal videographers across the U.S. with live search capabilities.


It’s easy and it’s free to list your services.  Sign up today! (Minimum of two years’ experience.)

Create a Profile

List your specialty services, credentials, availability, and rates to be found with your unique profile.  Simply update information on your dashboard at any time.

Get Booked!

Law firms and government entities book services direct. Attorneys have a unique search-by-name feature for the ability to work with service providers that have provided exceptional past services!   Agencies and firms find you based on your availability, services provided, and locations.

Get Paid

We will send you a check after the invoice is paid. eCourt Reporters retains only 5% of the invoice if you do your own production. eCourt Reporters can do production for you for an additional 15%.  The option to do production of transcripts and services can be selected per job when booked direct from law firms.

Why Go Freelance?

For Reporters & Videographers

It’s no doubt that freelance court reporting has its benefits: you can set your own schedule, you can determine and set your own rates, and you have the freedom to decide the types of services you wish to provide.

Going freelance means you’re finding your clients and building your repertoire all on your own, but at times, this can be a costly challenge. eCourt Reporters was created to make this step much easier for both you and schedulers across all 50 states. By signing up with eCourt Reporters, attorneys and agencies can find you based on your location, rates, certifications, and availability – all at the click of a button. The best part? It’s FREE to list your profile. No sign up fee. No subscription fees.

Why Book Freelance?

For Attorneys & Schedulers

Hiring a court reporter or legal videographer direct has proven effective and cost efficient. As an attorney or paralegal, communication with the professional on your assignment is an important aspect. Whether you’re booking outside of your location or in your hometown, knowing the quality and experience of your service provider is now just a few clicks away.

eCourt Reporters can lead you to court reporters and legal videographers with a wide variety of certifications and specialties so you can see exactly who has the level of experience you demand. The best part? It’s a FREE service to law firms and government entities. You can search and select professionals across the country by name, location, qualifications, upfront rates, and a 5-star rating system by peers.


Give Us Job Details

Enter location, date, time, in-person or remote, and any additional services your job requires. eCourt Reporters will automatically and instantly match you with the right professionals for your legal proceeding. 

Schedule a Reporter

Is it a match? Select and schedule the professional that fits your legal proceeding needs (our system is not constrained by business hours). The service provider is automatically notified of your request for services.

Receive Your Transcripts/Videos & Invoices

Free service to law firms and government entities.

For court reporting firms and agencies, eCourt Reporters upcharges 10% of services provided.


  • “I love eCourt Reporters! It’s been a wonderful resource for a number of my clients. And as a court reporter, it’s been so refreshing to get my rates!” 

    Beth Zimmermann
    Court Reporter
  • “I just signed up with this service last week, and I have taken one job and have three jobs for next week. This is amazing!!  Thank you again for this service!” 

    Amy Schneider
    Court Reporter
  • I would be surprised if human court reporters are ever replaced. Also-machines have no morals. Thanks for what you do.

    C. Gorst
    Gorst Law Office

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