Overcharged for Court Reporting Services?

Litigation law firms, you’re likely getting overcharged for court reporting services by corporate companies.  They’re charging you for services that should cost a fraction of the price. Hidden fees and surcharges such as “transcription fees” or “document retrieval costs” or “administrative charges” or “Zoom charges” are all fees that you have to charge to your clients.
I was told recently by a local attorney that he was charged $1,000 for a Zoom connection. Seriously, $1,000 to connect via videoconference, and the lawyer sheepishly tried to explain that charge to his client.  It’s unacceptable.
How do you counteract being overcharged?  Seek out independent court reporters who offer competitive rates and transparent pricing.
These are the unsung heroes of the legal world, the ones who will treat you with the respect and fairness you deserve. You may be surprised to learn that many of the charges for court reporting services do not end up in the court reporter’s pocket.
When you’re in need of court reporting services, don’t let the big corporations take advantage of your law firm with unnecessary charges.
At eCourt Reporters, we’ve done the due diligence of vetting a database of certified court reporters throughout the U.S. featuring upfront prices and direct communication with your service provider.
Stand up for your law firm and your clients, choose an independent court reporter.

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