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Deposition summaries are not all created equally!

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eCourt Reporters utilizes patent-pending technology to produce elite deposition summaries delivered alongside the full transcript.

Highlights include:

  • Page/Line Summary with 100% Accurate Page/Line Citations: The most detailed document, comprehensive of all information from beginning to end, in chronological order. It includes a table of contents and a narrative-form conversion of the dialogue with 100% accurate page/line citations.


  • Key Admissions Extraction: Key admissions are particularly useful for getting a quick yet thorough understanding of the key takeaways from the deposition based on facts alleged in the complaint. Includes page/line citations.


  • Deposition Memos (Thematic Summary): Offers a succinct and focused summary of the most important themes discussed throughout, irrelevant of chronology, separating central points from less pertinent information found in the ‘miscellaneous/other’ section


  • Hyperlinked to the Original Transcript: Facilitate human review with easy navigation links back and forth between the summary sections and the source dialogue.
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