ABATechShow 2020 Recap

Showcasing legal technology was in full force in Chicago at the American Bar Association Technology Show 2020.

Software management, time keeping software, document management, and discovery to name only a few of the companies helping law firms implement technology to grow their firms.

eCourt Reporters was in attendance as the only technology system with a direct-connect platform for law firms to schedule court reporters and legal videographers. The ABATechShow was a great place to demonstrate eCourt Reporters’ legal innovation as attendees from across the country poured in with eagerness to learn.

A number of notables that eCourt Reporters’ CEO, Karen Renee, made personal contact with was CEO of Clio, Jack Newton; CEO, Adam Camras, and Executive Producer, Laurence Colletti, of Legal Talk Network; Director of Third-Party Content of Law 360, Christian Lewis; Product Manager, David Silberberg, and Product Director, Salim Mohammed, of Practice Panther, among others.

The American Bar Association Technology Show focused on technology to ensure best practices for clients. eCourt Reporters‘ award-winning platform allows attorneys to be as thorough in their selection of court reporters as clients thoroughly select legal representation.

For the first time in the legal community, law firms can search, select, and schedule the exact professional needed for court reporting or legal videography services through eCourt Reporters‘ portal. A free service to law firms makes this system not only unique but cost effective.

The ABATechShow did not disappoint with the vast appearance of technology businesses along with a number of new startups that are sure to excel. The legal community can be thankful for the time and effort put into this event.

See you at the ABATECHSHOW in 2021!

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