Court Reporters in Government

One area of the court reporting profession that can be overlooked is the legislative court reporters that cover everything from congressional hearings to state and local government proceedings.

Just as attorneys and court reporting firms strive to find the best court reporter for a unique setting, so do government entities. Public hearings, local and state government proceedings, board of review hearings, mediations, etc., all require highly skilled stenographers.

What are some of the special skills required to be a court reporter for hearings and arbitrations? Here are just a few:

  1. Outstanding court reporting skills.
  2. Excellent listening skills.
  3. The ability to control a setting with multiple speakers.
  4. Organizational skills to identify multiple speakers.
  5. The ability to work in an intense environment.

Attempts at recording hearings and sending audio to third-party transcriptionists has proven risky as poor recordings can result in many inaudible and undiscernible parentheticals in important transcripts.

eCourt Reporters’ direct-connect technology is addressing the issue of searching for court reporters that specialize in hearings and arbitrations. Individual profiles indicate the skill of stenographically recording legislative proceedings making it easy for government entities to locate the pinnacle of court reporters in all 50 states.

With upfront pricing, unique skill designations, and a live calendar, government agencies can now find certified court reporters with ease and be assured they have selected the best at!

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