Finding Court Reporters by Name!

Do you have paralegals that regularly request your court reporting services?  Make it easy to be found! List your free court reporter or legal videographer profile, activate your live calendar, and paralegals can find your availability even when you are unable to answer the phone.  Paralegals need not wait for e-mail responses or returned voicemail messages to ensure your services.  eCourt Reporters’ live calendar capability is saving paralegals time and, more importantly, guaranteeing scheduling of the court reporter or legal videographer of their choice.

eCourt Reporters is the only technology of its kind that provides a search-by-name feature to ensure direct bookings from law firms that request the court reporter they prefer to work with.

Not on the platform yet?  List your profile now!  It’s FREE.  No subscription fees.  No sign-up fee.

Already on the platform?  Spread the word so that your clients can instantly find your availability by entering your name in the search criteria.

Paralegals indicate the number one reason for booking court reporters is based on a previous relationship of great service.  Access to schedule specific court reporters can now be done directly and efficiently in minutes thanks to the award-winning platform of eCourt Reporters.

Check it out at

Court reporters have nothing to lose and everything to gain with direct-connect technology!

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