Court Reporting & Captioning Week

February 9th begins Court Reporting & Captioning Week!

To kick off the week, eCourt Reporters has joined forces in the technology world to bring the first annual virtual court reporting conference at on February 9th and 10th! This is a great learning tool as well as an avenue to earn CEUs from any location.  Staff will be on hand to answer questions both days with the interactive platform.

As we continue with the recognition, join us as we spread the word of an incredible profession. On February 10th and 11th, eCourt Reporters will be featured on the Morning Blend, WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, with Molly Faye and Tiffany Ogle to impress upon the public our need for court reporters across the country.

And to reach out even further for new recruits, eCourt Reporters will be advertising with 620 AM WTMJ radio and will be joining Jeff Wagner on the Facebook Live segment on Monday, February 11th, to inspire others to seek out a court reporting career.

There are many aspects of the court reporting and captioning profession and eCourt Reporters is excited to share information of this outstanding career!

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