Greater User Experience!

Court reporters and legal videographers, eCourt Reporters just made it even easier to show your availability to be booked direct by law firms, government entities, and court reporting firms.

Your profile, your rates, and now an added feature to your calendar!

Would you like to be able to make a recurring event?  Do you want to keep your calendar current more quickly and easily?  Check out our latest calendar updates where you can set recurring availability. 

Like to work 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday?  Now you can set your calendar to those hours with start and end dates that suit your needs. Need to adjust your calendar?  Simply delete your availability on any one occurrence. 

At eCourt Reporters, we strive to give you more time in your day for important events.

Numerous service providers asked for this recurring feature, and we are happy to make that happen for you!  We’ve also added color-coded calendar events making it easier to discern between accepted, declined, canceled appointments, and much more.

At eCourt Reporters, we are always moving forward! 

Sign in to your account, update your calendar and see these great improvements available today!

Don’t have an account? Register now, it’s a FREE profile listing of your services!

REMINDER:  Keep your calendar current!  “Teal” still means available and found in searches. If your calendar is in “white” status, you are not found!

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