How Attorneys Find Court Reporters

Want to increase your business and get paid YOUR rates?  Follow these simple steps:

∙ Keep your availability calendar up to date at  

Under “Availability,” mark your calendar when you ARE AVAILABLE for work (teal means available).  It’s important to keep your availability up to date in order to be found in searches and get appointments!  Here is a sample calendar:


∙ Have attorneys and paralegals search for you by name at  

eCourt Reporters is the only online platform that has a search-by-name feature.  Take full advantage to be scheduled direct at your rates. Spellings must be exact, so when attorneys and paralegals search for your services, inform them of the precise name you are registered with as a service provider.  For example, if your last name is hyphenated, the search must include that hyphen.   “Smith-Jones” will not be found with the search of “Smith Jones.”

∙ Keep your certifications and years of experience up to date at  

Keep your certifications current.  You’ve worked hard to earn them and schedulers book you based upon this information.  Also, remember to update your years of experience, schedulers filter their choice of court reporters and videographers with this criteria.

∙ To ensure you’re getting all notifications, check “Yes” to receive texts!

It’s FREE to list your profile as a certified court reporter or legal videographer.

It’s FREE to search and schedule certified court reporters or legal videographers. 

ALL service providers and schedulers are vetted.


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