JETRO’s Podcast with eCourt Reporters

A Modern Take to Court Reporting

In this episode, Mike Jesowshek, CPA, has special guests Karen Renee and Judy Gerulat from eCourt Reporters.  They explain how they are modernizing court reporting to make things easier and simple for both lawyers and court reporters alike.

Podcast Host:  Mike Jesowshek, CPA, founder of JETRO

Podcast Guests:  Karen Renee and Judy Gerulat, co-founders of eCourt Reporters.

Mike Jesowshek CPA, a technology fanatic, founded JETRO and Associates creating the Digital Milwaukee Accounting Firm you see today. Most importantly, his goal is to provide a digital solution for businesses looking to take it to the next level by utilizing modern, cutting edge technology. Many firms are set in the “old ways” of doing accounting. However, JETRO is breaking free from the traditional restrictive barriers, while maintaining the same core accounting principles.

eCourt Reporters’ marketplace enables law firms, government entities, court reporting firms and agencies to search, select, and schedule court reporters and legal videographers direct with live search capabilities across all 50 states.

JETRO and eCourt Reporters both strive to bring law firms the technology necessary to improve their businesses with cost-saving features and efficient methods.

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