Lawsuits Change Lives

Decisions made by juries and arbitrators have life-changing ramifications. For the best possible outcomes in litigation, clients need to take time to choose the right law firm for representation, and attorneys need to take time to choose the right court reporters and legal videographers for professional services.

Certified, experienced court reporters and legal videographers work in accordance with the high standards of the legal profession, but how do law firms know they are getting the best-suited professional when booking services?

  • Selecting court reporters and videographers with high ratings from peers.
  • Selecting court reporters that are skilled in the testimony being taken.
  • Knowing the charges of litigation services upfront.
  • Working directly with court reporters and videographers for clear communication.

In the past, this due diligence has been a difficult, time-consuming task. As the court reporting industry evolves into the technology world, this process has become quick, efficient, and extremely impactful. The industry first technology of eCourt Reporters has now become the go-to platform for law firms to make the selection of certified, vetted, experienced court reporters and videographers.

As an award-winning service to law firms, eCourt Reporters has set the bar high in locating and booking legal professionals. The criteria for scheduling court reporters should not be based on a warm body that happens to be in the area.  Law firms need the excellence that professional court reporters and legal videographers provide as attorneys fully understand their client’s future may forever be changed through the legal process.

For law firms: Selection of court reporters that hold the highest standards necessary for the job at hand can be achieved at eCourt Reporters.

For court reporters and legal videographers: List your profile FREE at eCourt Reporters to be found by savvy attorneys that understand the importance of the right service provider.

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