Saving on Deposition Costs


Did we say, “free and secure”?  Yes, we did.

Attorneys like to lower their deposition costs whenever possible, here is one way: A free, secure database to search and schedule certified court reporters and legal videographers in all 50 states.

No subscription fees.  No sign-up fee.  No monthly fee.  No annual fee.

Compare service provider prices to save even more!  Select your service provider based on certifications, service charges, years of experience, availability, or a 5-star rating submitted by your peers.

The only charge comes for the services provided, i.e., transcripts, appearance fee, exhibit copies, etcetera.  With the ability to see service charges upfront at the time of booking, you will know exactly the prices before scheduling. There are no surprises, and that means it’s free and transparent!

If you already have a favorite court reporter or legal videographer you prefer to work with, find that service provider by name — FREE.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.  At, we’re improving the legal community with award-winning technology.

Check it out — FREE!

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