Solving Frustrations of a Freelance Business

Being a freelance court reporter or legal videographer is an extremely rewarding job.  Being in control of your time and money are the obvious good points, but along with the wonderful aspects, a few difficulties emerge:

  1. An independent freelancer struggles with the high cost of advertising and marketing. 
  2. An independent freelancer struggles with the time it takes for cold calling new clients. 
  3. An independent freelancer struggles with the added time set aside for invoicing
  4. An independent freelancer struggles with the collection of funds from slow paying clients. 

We’ve got the answer to reduce the high cost of advertising, to free up the time consumed by cold calling and invoicing, and to take the stress off the collection process.

eCourt Reporters is the industry-first direct connect for full transparency and ease of having attorneys and agencies find court reporting and legal videographer services with particular profiles.

List your specific services FREE, no sign-up fees, no subscription fee.  Schedulers find you FREE at YOUR rates.  Promote yourself exclusively to attorneys so they may find you by name and book you direct.

The cost saving is immense, and the rewards are beneficial to all.  Transparency is key.  Attorneys expect perfection, and with each individual profile, attorneys select service providers based on years of experience, a 5-star rating, availability, and upfront rates (not seen by other service providers).

All features of eCourt Reporters’ distinct, secure technology is accessible by your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, smart TVs, or any device that has Internet capabilities.  

There is nothing better than getting paid your worth as a freelancer where the investment of advertising is zero.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by direct scheduling.  Your freelance business will thank you!

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