What Criteria is Used When Hiring a Court Reporter?

Is it price, qualifications, skill level, peer reviews, or is it simply availability?

You could literally ask five different schedulers and each would have a different answer, and depending on the proceeding, the answer may differ as well.

Let’s address each option and perhaps an argument as to why:

  1. Price: Let’s face it, rates are always a factor in any business and law firms are no different! It’s important for any business to stay vigilant on the cost of goods and services. The key here is to not give up quality for a lower rate.
  2. Qualifications: There are many certifications court reporters go through for licensing in different states! Knowing the court reporter being hired is current with qualifications is clearly important and the assurance of up-to-date education is welcome.
  3. Skill level: Years of experience is certainly not to be taken lightly! On-the-job training brings a wealth of knowledge.
  4. Peer reviews: Everyone appreciates a good rating system from those that have worked with professionals in the past! A visual score from others in your industry is extremely helpful when proceedings are held out of town.
  5. Availability: None of the above matters if no one is available! Live calendar search capability is a way to address this aspect.

So, if everyone has different criteria of determining the best court reporter for a proceeding, how about a service that allows the comparison of all the above-listed information of court reporters before scheduling? Done! eCourt Reporters is the only platform of its kind that allows schedulers to view and compare profiles of court reporters across the country.

Legal videographers also provide a valuable service that attorneys commonly need.   eCourt Reporters has the profiles of legal videographers to choose from as well!

For all schedulers in need of specific service providers, eCourt Reporters has the information needed to search and select court reporters and legal videographers in just a matter of minutes.  A small amount of time well spent to ensure all criteria has been met for quality service!

No sign-up fee!  No subscription fees!

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