Digital recordings in the legal field continue to make the news, and it’s not good. Law360 published an article April 7, 2022, discussing the many glitches in digital court reporting tech. StoryCloud was recently shut down in Texas when a complaint was filed by a local court reporting agency. The headlines are no surprise to the court reporting industry; however, law firms...
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As prayers go out to the Waukesha families affected by the Christmas parade tragedy, yet another revelation has been brought to the forefront. A previous court hearing of the alleged attacker has no record of the proceeding. A “technical issue” was cited as the reason for the lack of available transcripts. This type of travesty...
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A Risk Too High for Litigation! WORDS MATTER! WHAT VOICE-TO-TEXT TRANSLATED   —   WHAT WAS ACTUALLY SAID An admissible evidence   – Inadmissible evidenceI wouldn’t know   – I would notePriceless   – Price listYou pee on other countries   – UPL and other countriesWorking as an illegal   – Working as a paralegalHe was absolutely thinking   – He was absolutely fakingLegal   –...
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HAVE YOUR DEPOSITION TRANSCRIPTS BEEN SENT AROUND THE WORLD WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE?  As more local court reporting firms are acquired by large corporations, knowing who has access to deposition transcripts is becoming crucial for client-centered law firms.  Outsourcing transcription services for legal proceedings is risky business as sensitive, confidential client information can be compromised. In attempts to...
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Deposition transcripts are a record of legal proceedings, but more importantly, they are crucial tools in court cases.  With rapid market changes in technology, certified transcripts are at risk. Simply put, the authenticity of a transcript requires certified court reporters.  Anything less than certified court reporters risk admissibility of transcripts in court. Rules of professional...
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