Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Everyone can use a little kindness sent their way, even lawyers.

April 9th is “Be Kind to Lawyers Day.”

What can you do to show appreciation to your favorite attorney?

  • Take some time to thank a lawyer for their dedication of ensuring that the legal system remains at its best.
  • Set aside the lawyer jokes for a day and remember the hard work necessary to keep justice running smoothly.
  • Add #bekindtolawyersday to all your social media posts on April 9th so that everyone spreads a little kindness in the legal community.
  • Send a hand-written card acknowledging the time and effort lawyers dedicate to defending their clients.

At eCourt Reporters, we encourage everyone to share some kindness to ease the pressure as lawyers protect our rights. We continue to help lawyers in their profession by providing free access to certified court reporters with upfront pricing. Our award-winning platform is designed to lessen the stress lawyers experience by streamlining the selection of court reporters with perfection.

As most days are long, stressful, and tiring, please join eCourt Reporters as we continue to do our best to show kindness and respect to the men and women who uphold the rule of law.

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