It’s summer and it’s likely either a deposition or vacation. 

Surprising similarities in the process!

Searching for that perfect vacation is as simple as entering criteria for your destination:

Date, location, number of rooms, etc.  Available results appear, make your selection.


Searching for the perfect court reporter to cover your deposition is as easy as entering your legal proceeding criteria:

  • Date
  • Location (or remote) 
  • Specialized services (expedited, realtime, etc.)
  • Available vetted court reporters appear
  • Compare rates
  • Select the best-suited service provider

eCourt Reporters is to litigation law firms as Airbnb or Vrbo is to vacationers!

We’ve removed the friction so that you can choose the vetted professional direct.

Our database currently includes experienced court reporters and legal videographers. Coming soon, a database of interpreters!

Want to learn more? Visit our YouTube tutorials!


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