Company Update: Enhanced Features to Our System to Launch End of April

You asked, we listened!

We’re improving our calendar!  Reporters have asked for an easier calendar process, we’ve delivered!  You no longer will be marking yourself as “unavailable.”  Our new and improved calendar system will have you marking when you “are available.”

How does this change the search-by-attorney process?  You will not be seen in any search until you make yourself available in your live calendar.  No more double booking or the need to decline a job assignment because you forgot to update your calendar.  Now that’s an upgrade!

Now you can also set your locations by county and specifically by which cities within each county.

Other New Additions:

We all know the concerns of the lower per-page rate by contracting.  This has been an issue that has been raised in many social media venues as well as board meetings and the like.  At eCourt Reporters, our goal is and always will be to protect the court reporting profession.   To address this ongoing issue, we are introducing firms and agencies the ability to book court reporters through our site with the condition they pay the court reporters and legal videographers’ rates.

We have had numerous firms and agencies wanting to use our site to find available court reporters and videographers.  Our hesitation and research has led to a result that benefits everyone.   Firms and agencies will not have the same amount of access as attorneys booking direct, but they will be able to find available reporters and videographers through the live calendar process and posted rates.

What does this mean to our valued court reporters and videographers?  You no longer need to negotiate rates or accept lower rates than you wish to work.  Your posted rates are agreed upon when a firm or agency schedules you.  That’s right, firms and agencies pay YOUR rates!

What does this mean for our valued attorneys and paralegals that schedule direct?  Nothing changes on the scheduler side for attorneys.  Searching by name is still favored by attorneys and paralegals; however, firms and agencies can only search based on availability.  In other words, when firms and agencies search for coverage, the only criteria they can use is the availability, certifications, and the court reporter/videographer’s rates.

Reporters and videographers, when an agency calls and wants to schedule at reduced rates, direct them to eCourt Reporters’ site.  Agencies get coverage, reporters and videographers get paid their worth. It’s a win/win!


For members that have not uploaded your photo, attorneys expect to see the same reporter associated with the individual profile. Your personal photo ensures the attorney they are getting the professional they selected. Get your photos uploaded!

What’s Ahead?

More webinars are on the way!  As we introduce the new calendaring system and the addition of court reporting firms and agencies, watch your e-mail for upcoming webinars to make the transition smooth!

We will be attending the Wisconsin Bar Association event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and the annual meeting of the Illinois Bar Association coming up in June.  We look forward to promoting our platform to more attorneys as our business-to-business system grows daily!


Karen Renee, President – Judy Gerulat, Vice President.

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