eCourt Reporters is Proud to Join Casetext

Another great partnership is formed!

As eCourt Reporters continues to grow in the legal industry, the partnership with Casetext takes another step in the right direction for great benefits to law firms.

Over 4,500 law firms trust Casetext for their legal research. 

With the recent partnership, eCourt Reporters provides the law firms direct access to certified, vetted court reporters and legal videographers to ensure professional services.

Today’s clients expect their legal representation to use all the tools available.  Casetext and eCourt Reporters are tools for every law firm to get the most for their clients.  Casetext is smarter legal research, eCourt Reporters is direct scheduling of court reporters. Joining forces is a big win in the legal community for law firms and, more importantly, a big win for law firm clients.

Not yet using the latest technology?

Law firm schedulers: Register your firm to take advantage of the many features on eCourt Reporters. Sign up for a free trial at Casetext to see the latest in legal research.

Court reporters and legal videographers: Apply to list your profile on eCourt Reporters to be found direct by law firms.

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