Making a Difference with Legal Technology

Creating the important relationship between court reporters and lawyers is one of the biggest tasks eCourt Reporters strives to accomplish.

Legal technology is a wonderful thing, and when it improves lives, the results are extremely rewarding.

Want to learn more about direct-connect technology?

eCourt Reporters is open for business with remote services!

  • Law firms need to be mindful of the costs associated with legal support services.
  • Law firms use technology allowing employees to utilize their time wisely.
  • Law firms depend on their peers for recommendations of legal support services.
  • Law firms demand the best-suited professional services for specific proceedings.
  • Law firms need the ability of remote connections to continue moving cases forward.

Current users:

Law firms: Schedule a court reporter or legal videographer now for the best selection.

Court reporters and legal videographers: Update your personal calendar availability to be scheduled direct.

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Law firms: Register your business to begin scheduling court reporters and legal videographers directly.

Court reporters and legal videographers: List your profile FREE to be found for services by law firms across the U.S.

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