Are Direct Bookings by Law Firms in Your Future?

What eCourt Reporters does for you:
  1. Connect you directly to law firm schedulers.
  2. List your profile free.
  3. Give you the option of doing your own production when hired by law firms.
  4. Allow direct communication with the hiring scheduler.
  5. List your services free across all 50 states.
  6. Pay your rates.
  7. Do all invoicing and collections.
  8. Promote the court reporting profession.
  9. Provide webinars to law firms on how to book services direct.
  10. Provide one-on-one video conferencing meetings for assistance.


What eCourt Reporters WILL NOT DO:
  1. Micromanage your assignments.
  2. Charge a monthly fee for your profile listing.
  3. Charge a fee to set up your profile.
  4. Set your rates.
  5. Control your calendar availability.
  6. Retain large portions of your worth.
  7. Assign you to proceedings outside of your purview.
  8. Share your rates with other service providers.
  9. Make you handle collections.


It’s time to get booked direct through the unique platform at eCourt Reporters, Inc.


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