Just the Bulb Podcast Interviews eCourt Reporters

Host and founder of Just the Bulb, Caleb Dykema, uses his experience with multiple startups to provide the guidance and resources listeners need to turn their “bulb into business”! The podcast also features entrepreneur and business owner guests who started with “just the bulb” to share their insights and advice.

Recently, Caleb interviewed eCourt Reporters‘ founder Karen Renee for a virtual one-on-one conversation about the importance of connections and contacts in getting a new business off the ground.

Listen to the interview now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher.

Along with the many business owner interviews, Caleb provides podcasts with informative topics such as creating a logo or naming your brand for your new business.

Caleb is always interested in hearing about the latest business idea. If you’re interested in being a guest or just want to talk, go to Just the Bulb and enter your contact information.

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