Litigation Clients Deserve Due Process

As remote legal proceedings have grown, some civil court cases have come to a grinding halt. Cook County, Illinois is struggling to keep the civil hearing process moving along.

The backlog is growing in the courthouses and frustration is setting in. Court reporters are offering their individual video conference accounts to provide a means for law firms to keep trial preparation in motion.

The legal community continues to work through temporary emergency orders that extend court deadlines, but that is just pushing things down the road. The backlog is growing daily with the current caseload and the addition of new court filings.

Stress levels are high with changes in policies seemingly daily. In the midst of all the chaos are the clients involved in litigation. Depositions are stalled, hearings have slowed and in some cases halted. A recent survey indicated only 13.7% of law firms are fully staffed and open. At the end of the line, clients are asked to sit tight as their lives are forever being changed by the litigation process.

Legal support services are bringing technology to the forefront to help through tumultuous times. Law firms are utilizing new services such as eCourt Reporters to keep cases moving along through due process. The court reporters and legal videographers are providing remote services and even helping with PPE by bringing extra masks and hand sanitizers to in-person proceedings.

Direct scheduling with eCourt Reporters is a free service for law firms that provides a means for lawyers to find certified, experienced court reporters and allows selection of specific legal support services needed. Just as important, law firms can compare charges upfront and pass savings along to their clients that desperately need justice.

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