Search for Certified Court Reporters by Name!

Have you received outstanding service from a certified court reporter or legal videographer in the past?

Find their services again instantly with our custom search-by-name feature!

eCourt Reporters is the only platform of its kind to provide paralegals and attorneys the ability to search and schedule court reporters by name. You’ve established a great relationship with a court reporter, and now with a simple entry of his or her name, you can verify coverage with that specific professional for proceedings.

eCourt Reporters’ database with live search capabilities has proven to be a necessary tool to save paralegals time and frustration. Waiting for responses from e-mails or phone messages to confirm the services of your favorite court reporter is no longer an issue.

Don’t have that favorite court reporter yet?

Find the court reporter you need based on upfront pricing! Another industry first feature that allows you to see and compare prices before you book, certainly information that every savvy law firm appreciates.

eCourt Reporters has set out to give access to live, certified court reporters with ease for attorneys and paralegals.

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