Sharing Economy Benefits the Legal Industry

What is the sharing economy?

The term “sharing economy” is based on the “peer-to-peer” sharing of goods and services where buyers and sellers make direct exchanges with one another. Because technology lends itself so well to this, today it often implies a transaction that occurs online. We’ve seen it used as a substitute for hailing a cab and booking a hotel, and now it has grown even more to not just include peer-to-peer transactions, but also business to business (B2B).

eCourt Reporters is an industry first platform for freelance court reporters and attorneys and schedulers to find each other and book online. Why is this such a good thing? There are a multitude of benefits for both court reporters and attorneys/schedulers.

Benefits for Court Reporters

The biggest benefit to freelance court reporters is to have more control over your schedule, the ability to choose which assignments you’re going to take on, and how you want to set your rates. eCourt Reporters gives you the exposure you need to let people know your availability, location, certifications, etc.  By creating a free profile, you can be found by that same criteria, making it easy for attorneys to find you for booking with no out-of-pocket advertising dollars. Awarded 2018 Innovation Use of Technology by the National Court Reporters Association, eCourt Reporters is recognized as a great value to the court reporting industry.

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Benefits for Attorneys

Booking direct is a benefit for attorneys and those who do scheduling for law offices such as paralegals, legal assistants, etc.  Scheduling direct allows clear communication between professionals.  An added benefit is that eCourt Reporters allows schedulers to view individual’s rates and certifications upfront, meaning no surprises on the invoice.  Booking certified court reporters and legal videographers online is efficient and cost effective. Awarded 2018 Legal Innovator of the Year by the State Bar of Wisconsin, eCourt Reporters is recognized as a great value to the legal community.

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eCourt Reporters’ platform is bringing scheduling into the 21st Century.  It’s an outstanding choice when it comes to efficiency and flexibility where you can book your next court reporter without leaving your laptop, cellphone, tablet, or whatever electronic device utilized.

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