Setting the Bar High. Following the Rules.

The court reporting profession is growing fast in the technology space. While we learn new techniques that make our lives easier in the technology world, we must make sure the rules of law are followed. Each state has unique codes and regulations to adhere to. A couple quick tips to keep current:

  1. Know your local state laws for court reporters.
  2. Know the federal laws for court reporters.
  3. Understand and abide by your state’s licensing and/or certification requirements.
  4. Follow your local association’s rules and regulations.

It all sounds simple enough, but it takes a bit of research to ensure compliance in all areas. Some states have unique requirements for such things as production of transcripts. Some states have requirements for the different methods by which a proceeding can be reported.

As officers of the court, the role of the court reporter sets the bar extremely high to ensure the integrity of the profession and ultimately the integrity of the record. To do that, court reporters must stay up to date with the advancement of technology. eCourt Reporters is at the forefront of this technology. With our industry first online scheduling platform, court reporters, videographers, law firms, and schedulers all save time, and time equals money!

eCourt Reporters believe firmly in the integrity of the law and all requirements set forth by associations. Our Terms and Conditions require that all users must agree to abide by all applicable local, state, and federal rules when registering.  It is that important.

So where do you find the needed information?  Local and national associations are a great source of information, many publish revised laws in their newsletters, some have FAQs on their website and write blogs about laws that are being considered for amendment. These are all great places to find documentation on laws that affect the court reporting industry. Be sure to stay on top of all rules and regulations and keep the bar set high, the court reporting profession deserves it!

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