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Law firms are familiar with the task of booking a court reporter.  Scheduling can be a time-consuming chore, especially when looking for experienced, certified court reporters. Here are some tips to help make this process go as smoothly as possible:

Scheduling your Deposition

Scheduling a court reporter direct allows for updated information to be easily exchanged.  For example, any changes in the deposition: date, time, cancellation, etc., is extremely efficient with court reporter-to-scheduler communication.

eCourt Reporters allows you to book a court reporter in less than two minutes.  Simply enter location, date, and time specifications and you will see who is available.  Now make a selection based on certifications, years of experience, upfront pricing, and even a 5-start rating by peers.  It’s quick, easy, and business-to-business booking has proven to be cost effective.

Estimated Deposition Length

It’s much easier to organize schedules when you can speak directly with court reporters.  Length of depositions can be difficult to estimate and being able to communicate changes or unexpected events directly to court reporters provides for a much smoother proceeding.

When life happens, you will want to let the reporter know right away if there are sudden changes to the schedule. With direct court reporter booking via eCourt Reporters, you and the professional you book have a method for immediate communication and updates.

Booking in another City/State

Booking in another city or state is simplified.  eCourt Reporters can provide you with available certified  court reporters in all 50 states.  No matter what area of the country you’re scheduling, upfront pricing means no surprises on the invoice.

Registering to see available reporters in the location and dates you are booking is completely free and can be done at any time before your deposition.

eCourt Reporters makes the booking process of court reporters and legal videographers simple for attorneys and paralegals.

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