Your Rates – Your Calendar – Production Optional!

eCourt Reporters is improving the industry with its direct-scheduling technology. Transparency is at the forefront with upfront rates, certifications, years of experience, 5-star rating, and instant availability.

  • Register your services free
  • Complete your profile
  • Activate your live calendar
  • Get scheduled direct

It’s that easy, efficient, effective, and provides benefits to court reporters, legal videographers, and all who schedule for their services.

Take control of your calendar. eCourt Reporters is the only system with live search capabilities. Be found for assignments on the days when you are available and want to work. You won’t be bothered on the days you are already booked or unavailable.

Take control of your pay. Get paid your worth with your rates. The service provider that does all the work should be paid for doing all the work.

Take control of production. Let’s face it, a 100-page transcript with no exhibits is easy to produce; a 200-page transcript with 50 color photos for exhibits, well, not so fun and not so easy to produce. eCourt Reporters allows you the option per job of doing your own production or having us do it for you when booked directly by a paralegal or an attorney.

Promote yourself. eCourt Reporters is the only platform that allows a court reporter to promote their individual business services. Tell your attorneys to find your services (free) on our platform and guarantee direct bookings. Our unique search-by-name feature is growing court reporters’ businesses across the U.S.

Technology is forever changing. eCourt Reporters is proud to bring technology that is best suited to improve the legal community.

Register today, take control of your freelance court reporting business, and enjoy the benefits of direct-connect technology!

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