Congratulations to the following winners:

Attorney Brandy Manning with Alston & Bird
Court Reporter Esther Van Blarcom had this to say about Attorney Brandy Manning, “I love how Ms. Manning does everything she can to help me get a good record. She pays for the record promptly and expresses her appreciation.”

Michael Leonard, Esq., with Boyle, Leonard & Anderson, P.A.
Paralegal Jen Brittain nominated Attorney Leonard for, “Always recognizing and supporting his paralegals’ hard work.”

The winners listed above along with their nominees receive eGift Cards for participating in the November 5th drawing of “Love Your Lawyer Day.”

Proof that there are really good lawyers working out there, here are a few more comments submitted by office staff and court reporters throughout the U.S. for recognition:

“As a leader in his large practice, he ensures the entire firm continues to utilize real stenographers!”

“Very thoughtful of the record and has always supported the local Court Reporters”

“He truly appreciates all my hard work. He is kind, super smart, and an incredible lawyer and person.”

“Support and stand behind his paralegals no matter what as well as help them grow and thrive in our craft.”

“Always makes time for us paralegals and she once was a paralegal herself, before passing the bar and becoming an attorney.”

She remains a true legal professional whom constantly brings the highest level of work product and productivity and is equally involved in every aspect of the case work as much, or more so at times, than the team who supports her.

“Extremely values the assistance of paralegals and their contribution to the practice. She has much appreciation of the leadership, training and motivation of her invaluable team members. She respects paralegal and legal assistants as trained professionals. She is an awesome, intelligent, appreciative, professional and highly respected lawyer.”

“He actively seeks out opportunities for us to develop leadership skills and training in areas that interest us. He is an advocate of cross-training and seeks to teach us as much as he can in several different areas of practice.

“He always goes out of his way when he travels or meets a new client to bring back some sort of treat to thank our group, every member of our group’s birthday is always celebrated with birthday cake of their choice and a card signed by the team, and he is very conscious to highlight our accomplishments!

The above comments are just a sampling of the nominations submitted.

To all the good lawyers out there, your actions are being noticed!!

The drawing was sponsored by eCourt Reporters, Inc., a free directory for law firms to locate and schedule certified court reporters and legal videographers across the U.S.

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