Flaws remain in voice-to-text and machine learning technology.  One of the biggest flaws is the replacement of words that have vastly different meanings.

Many were captured by the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and yet the proceedings were subjected to words made up by computer-generated subtitles, “Yeomen of the Guard” displayed as “Human of the Gods,” and “Equerries” became “Aquarius.”

Words have meaning.  The above-stated errors may seem trivial in some instances, but the ability for artificial intelligence to make up words that it thinks it heard can have grave impact on legal proceedings and elegant ceremonies.

Once again, inaccuracies of voice-to-text and AI make the case for live, professional court reporters and captioners that are highly skilled in terminology to ensure perfection in subtitles and transcripts for current and future lawsuits. 

eCourt Reporters’ database allows law firms across the U.S. to locate and schedule certified court reporter services quickly and efficiently.

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